Corporate Transportation Service


At Ground Force Group, customer satisfaction is priority number one. You can always rely on us for exceptional corporate transportation service and performance.

Your business is very important to us and you will always receive constant attention to meet all your personal needs. Even with over 45 years of clients, we know that nothing is more important than catering to every one of our individual customers.


Having been in the luxury corporate transportation industry for over 30 years brought upon many valuable lessons and experiences, which contributed to our growth and success. Client satisfaction is measured in every ride, and in order to retain our valued relationships, we are asked to repeat our performance records thousands of times each and every week. Every department in our organization employs quality control policies and incentive programs; performance records are rewarded individually and collectively. Our staff and Management teams are challenged to reach performance levels, which set us apart from our competitors. To ensure your firm with the quality and consistency of our product, a dedicated Account Executive will be assigned to your account. In addition, the account executive acts as a liaison between our customer service department and the individuals in your firm who monitor performance records. The above individual tends to all of the needs, wants and wishes of your firm. Furthermore, we provide the necessary number of individuals to serve the firm to ensure that the requirements for corporate transportation service are answered promptly and that our fleet and drivers reflect the overall image and standards of our company. Being a luxury corporate transportation company, our drivers have a vested interest in the growth of our company and our performance records reflect the individual effort our drivers place with every call. Ground Force implemented rules and regulations relating to driver performance and conduct demand quality and consistency throughout from our entire fleet.

Performance / Reliability

Name recognition; repeat business, loyal clientele, and customer satisfaction are accomplished when every individual and every department performs at peak levels. One musical instrument not properly tuned can destroy the performance of any philharmonic orchestra. Ground Force employs a highly motivated, service-oriented staff in each of our departments. The management and staff’s ongoing training programs and incentives are all part of the team effort to fine-tune our service and maintain long-term relationships with our clients. Every department adheres to its operating guidelines and procedures designed to enhance the performance and reliability of our service.


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